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We challenge the status quo!

How is your digital business doing? Good?

Well, we think good is not good enough. Because we believe that no matter how well you are doing, your digital business can always do better! Finding the key to this untouched potential in eCommerce Conversion Optimisation and digital Marketing can however be very challenging.

We help large organisations and promising start-ups to find the answers to accelerate their eCommerce, improve their Conversion Optimisation and boost their Digital Marketing, by using winning strategies and methods that leading websites are using today to optimise their conversion and online growth.

Two Schools of Thought

In eCommerce Conversion Optimisation there are two schools of thought. One, for those who believe in applying so-called best practices and the other for those who emphasise testing.

The first group says; that by simply applying the best practices from other websites with the intention of lifting conversion rates, your digital business is going to improve. Now we disagree!

Based on thousands of tests we’ve run we found that many of the commonly held best practices actually fail in real A/B-testing. Best practices simply don’t work, unless you have tested and validated them in your own unique business context.

“So, there is no golden list with tips & tricks, but there are winning strategies and methods that the leading websites are using today.”

How we work

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation and Digital Marketing for your web and mobile business requires an unique set of skills and techniques. The specialists at Nangka use the same strategies that winning websites are applying today. We operate at the intersection of three specialised areas; Persuasion Marketing, Experience Design and Scientific Method to maximise your eCommerce Conversion Optimisation and Digital Marketing.

Persuasion Marketing

Do you know why people visit your website and buy your product?

Persuasion marketing is all about creating the motivation for visitors to complete the desired (trans)action. By using the latest online persuasion techniques in digital marketing we improve the dialogue between you and your customers.

Your customers will not always act in a rational way. Their behaviour is the result of many factors that influence their brain.

Understanding these factors will grow your knowledge of the brain and conqueror the hearts of your customers. These insights will give you the competitive advantage to accelerate your eCommerce and digital growth.

Experience Design

Do you know what obstacles people run into when they want to find and order your product?

Experience design is all about creating facilities and the ability for a seamless, painless and enjoyable way for your customers to complete the desired (trans-)action across all touch points.

A user will perceive an interaction with your product or service as simple when it can be completed easier and quicker than expected.

It requires a deep understanding of people, their activities and the context of those activities to make the customer journey feel simple. We do this by removing all obstacles from the path of the user and transform new visitors into returning customers.

Scientific Method

Do you know what the impact is on your eCommerce, conversion optimisation and digital marketing by the recent implemented changes on your website?

Scientific method is about testing and validating all the opportunities and ideas, found in the areas of persuasion marketing and experience design, that can improve your online business.

Because you operate in an unique business context you need to validate every idea before you implement it.

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation requires a structured process that drives results. It is a continues cycle of analysing, segmentation, prioritising, planning, designing and testing in order to identify the winning variations, that boost your eCommerce results, improve your conversion optimisation and accelerate your digital marketing.

Our Services

The professionals at Nangka have many years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Conversion Optimisation. We apply the latest strategies that winning website are use today.
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