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About the client

Brend Seinen started in 2009 with his coaching company Passie in Bedrijf. The beginning of a new period after working for 10 years at a large consultancy company and an intensive personal journey. With his coaching organisation for entrepreneurial managers Brend is helpen people individually as well as within teams to find their passion in business. How to motivate and inspire people to do what they feel from their heart is the right thing to do? How to stimulatie your co-workers to show themselves and make them perform better than what is required for their job profile?

Passie in Bedrijf is an answer to two market trends. Do more with less people or deliver better results with the same group of people. And secondly the wish to live a more meaningful life by learning more about yourself.


About the project

Over the last years Brend Seinen published many blog posts and online articles about work- and organisation psychology. This has resulted in a complete overview of coaching insights. Brend wanted to share his vision with a wider audience and decided to publish his work with a new book “Passie in Bedrijf, de weg ernaartoe”.

Nangka helped the coaching organisation with the creation of the cover design for the new book and the implementation of a new responsive website. The wish was to have a more comprehensive website that could be used as a platform to interact with (potential) customers. Not only as an publishing platform for his blog post, but also a place to promote the book, inform entrepreneurs about the introduction workshops and the different coaching programs.

Nangka created a strong visual concept with a clear red colour as the foundation of the communication representing the passion together with a powerful typeface in white representing the entrepreneur.

Passie in Bedrijf cover design

Cover Design Book

Passie in Bedrijf

Passie in Bedrijf Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Passie in Bedrijf