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About the client

Praxis is a leading DIY retail formula in the Ducht market. With 141 stores across the country Praxis meets the needs of experienced and starting do-it-yourself enthusiasts. With small city shops and large megastores Praxis offers the best choice in over 35.000 home improvement articles for millions of customers with the payoff: Doe het zelf. Doe het samen.

It is their mission to help and inspire people to create the home of their desires. With a continued focus on improving the product portfolio both in better sourcing and building their own brand strategy with Perfection for paint and wallpaper, Aquazuro for bathrooms, Worx for power tools, Sencys for hand tools and Central Park for garden furniture.

About the project

The ambition of the DIY retail formula was to offer a seamless customer experience across the different touch points and to leverage their large retail network with the 141 local stores. To realise this multi-channel strategy Nangka fulfilled the Product Owner & Scrum role within the online marketing team and created the product vision and the roadmap.

The first objective was to build a Click-and-Reserve functionality for the 1 million customers that visit the retail formula every week. By selecting the desired products in the online shop visitors can check the availability and make their reservation for pickup in the local store a few hours later.

With the rapid growth of customers visiting the website of Praxis from a mobile device, the second part of the project was to create a responsive website and online shop to service the customers using a mobile phone or tablet with an better user experience.

In the next phase we created a plaza for the suppliers of the do-it-yourself formula to sell their product through the online shop. With the drop-shipment service customers can purchase large items (such as garden cabins and swimming pools) which will be delivered right at their doorstep.

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